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Last Light is a top-down survival shooter that takes place in an abandoned mansion. Your goal is to reach the last room in the mansion and survive the zombie onslaught. Find keys to open the various locked doors and earn the much needed supplies in order to survive or use your weapons to break crates for rewards. Use your flashlight to traverse the levels and spot enemies before they spot you. Choose whether to shoot your enemies from safe distance and risk a lot more being startled or finish them off quickly from close range with a knife.

About the project:
This project has been created by Cioancă Andrei and Constantin Răzvan-Ionuţ, students in 12th grade, class E, at the Theoretical High-School of Informatics Grigore Moisil, Iaşi, Romania.
The project was conceived for presentation in the Informatics Assessment Examination.





- Shoot only while standing still (Resident Evil style)
- Colored keys for different colored doors (Doom style)
- Flashlight
- Pistol and Knife
- Traditional 2D Movement
- Pathfinding AI
- Immersive sounds and design
- Nine different levels to explore

Last Light is available for free!
Please do give constructive criticism! Thank you for checking it out!

Published Jul 01, 2017
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Creepy, Survival Horror, Top down shooter


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This game get me trippin, damn bruh

Pretty fun.